Organised and stewarded by Bishop Wilton WI members

Rules and entry fees as for Horticultural Tent Classes except no persons under 15 can show in WI tent, unless otherwise stated

Entries limited to one per class per entrant, no exhibits to be removed before 4:30pm

Dorothy Denton Cup to be awarded to the WI member with the most points in the WI Tent Classes

Gazette & Herald Cup to be awarded to the person with the most points in the WI Tent Classes

Enquiries to Mrs Sandra Digby: 01759 369801 or Mrs Pam Megginson: 01759 372205

Raffle to be drawn at 4:00pm


Judge: Joan Drake

The Ruth Walker Memorial Trophy to be awarded to the best exhibit in this section

All exhibits to have been made within the last 2 years and not previously shown at Bishop Wilton Show

Class 250:  Any hand knitted garment – include pattern and ball band if possible

Class 251:  Any other knitted item

Class 252:  Any piece of canvas work

Class 253:  Any piece of embroidery

Class 254:  Any piece of patchwork

Class 255:  A machine sewn garment

Class 256:  Homemade fabric bag

Class 257:  Homemade baby’s soft toy

Class 258:  Covered Book – any medium

Class 259:  Any crotchet item

Class 260:  A hand felted item

Class 261:  A gift wrapped tissue box

Class 262:  12-14 year olds only – Any sewn article


Judge: Catherine Inglis

Class 270:  2D – Painting in any medium

Class 271:  3D – Ceramics – Sculptural work


Judge: Leslie Peatfield

Competition for amateur photographers.

Digital and non-digital photographs eligible for all photography classes.

Photographs not to be mounted and maximum size A5 (210 x 148mm or 8.27 x 5.38 inches, that’s half an A4 sheet).

Please leave all images unlabelled, unless otherwise stated, to allow anonymous judging.

The Lucan Pratt Memorial Trophy to be awarded to the most outstanding entry in classes 272 - 280.

Class 272:  People at work, rest and play in the East Riding

Class 273:  Out and About – from a holiday snap to a documentary shot, just has to be taken away from home

Class 274:  The East Riding in all its glory. Rural or urban, from hill top to residential streets

Class 275:  Catching the light.Those special moments when the light was just perfect

Class 276:  The art of macro.  A close up shot of anything, still life or nature for example

Class 277:  50 Shades of grey (no, not that!). Any black and white shot, landscape or portraits, it’s up to you

Class 278:  Photo Art. Abstract images with absolutely no restrictions. Photoshop and other digital art welcome

Class 279:  Planes, trains, and automobiles.  Your action shot from the transport world

Class 280:  Phone or Tablet photos. “Phoneography” is defining how we record the world. Please note which device or phone was used on the rear of the image


Judge:  Helen Brown

All exhibits to be covered with cling film.

Prizes donated by Bishop Wilton Village Shop for best exhibits in this section.

Class 290:  1 machine made loaf of bread - white or brown

Class 291:  1 handmade loaf of bread - white or brown

Class 292:  4 Teacakes

Class 293:  Savoury flan/quiche [state main ingredient, no larger than 8”]

Class 294:  4 Cheese Straws

Class 295:  Victoria Sandwich [2 cakes, raspberry jam filling, caster sugar topping, total 3 eggs]

Class 296:  4 Sausage Rolls using shortcrust pastry.

Class 297:  4 Fruit scones

Class 298:  4 Fingers of short bread

Class 299:  Cake using garden vegetable [state vegetable used]

Class 300:  6 Ginger biscuits

Class 301:  4 Squares of flapjack

Class 302:  4 Brownies using the recipe below

Class 303:  4 muffins

Class 304:  2Ib Lemon Drizzle loaf

Class 305:  MEN ONLY Victoria Sponge as Class 295

Class 306:  MEN ONLY Saucer size fruit pie

Class 307:  12 to 16 YEAR OLDS 6 identical biscuits

Class 308:  12 to 16 YEAR OLDS 1 tea Loaf



4oz butter, 4oz plain chocolate, 8oz caster sugar, 2 beaten eggs, 4oz plain flour,
½ teaspoon baking powder, 4oz chopped walnuts, pinch of salt.

Oven 180°c / 350F / gas 4

Greased oblong tin 7 x 11 inches

1.     Melt chocolate and butter over simmering water

2.     When cool stir in all other ingredients

3.     Spread in tin and bake for 30 minutes. 

4.     Let mix cool in tin for 10 minutes.  Cut into squares and cool on a wire rack



Judge: Melanie Moss

Please ensure full date when made is recorded on label and main ingredient (e.g. Plum Chutney). No trade jars or lids. Fill to within ½ inch of top of cleaned jar.

Class 310:  1 jar marmalade – single fruit

Class 311:  1 jar marmalade – mixed fruit or flavour

Class 312:  Jar strawberry jam

Class 313:  Jar raspberry jam

Class 314:  1 jar berry jam – e.g. blackberry, gooseberry, etc.

Class 315:  1 jar lemon curd [wax disc, cellophane cover]

Class 316:  Jar fruit jelly, named

Class 317:  1 jar fruit curd, named

Class 318:  1 jar chutney (vinegar proof lid)

Class 319:  1 jar any jam with interesting addition e.g. herb, spice, nuts