Mystery Art Challenge 2016



After the success of a similar event six years previous, now is the right time to share that experience with the emerging junior talent in and around our local schools and communities. This project delivers the important link between work, play and entertainment; all fundamental elements of an education.

The exciting opportunity of a stage outside the classroom, in a public arena will focus mind and ability, boosting creativity and confidence. When the Mystery Image (MI) is finally revealed each student artist will recognize just how important their individual contribution has been.


Here’s how Junior Art Challenge 2016 (JAC 2016) works, and if, after reading this, you’d like more information or would like to be involved, please contact me.


First, my personal challenge has been finding an appropriate mystery image, and I’m relieved to confirm it’s now sorted. This will remain anonymous throughout.

The MI will be dissected into multiple equal sections. Each of these sections along with a pre-cut blank canvas will be allocated to every registered artist/student, complete with full instructions. Artists/students are then required to reproduce an enlarged version of their allocated section. Yes, it sounds complicated, but it’s really dead simple, and I’m always available for guidance.


When all the painted sections are gathered together the construction begins. This will take place in a marquee at Bishop Wilton Show on Saturday 23rdrd July 2016 where the completed “Mystery Image” will finally be revealed.


There’s much apprehension as each tile is positioned. Will it match its neighbours, on all four sides? There’s bound to be some anomalies, and that’s part of the fun. I guarantee none of these sections will be “wrong”. Each is an individual creation from which to learn. But however it manifests I am certain students will absorb much from the experience.